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The Ladies

A selection of Females from the present and the past, that we own, co-own or are breeders of.
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Abe's Notorious Duchess
Sire: BISS Ch. Double A's Honest Abe
Dam: Notorious She's A Gamble
Breeders: P& R Jenner
Loved, shown and owned by The Somers Family.
Going on 10 1/2years of age, Popcorn has taken our children into the ring with numerous Best Junior handler wins, produced champions and bulldog pups of quality. Our foundation girl who captures our heart and is my shadow.
My girl sadly left us January 31st, 2009 and will forever be missed by all of us here. Her legacy lives on thru her great-great-great grandchildren and in the loving homes of all who own a "Rocksteady's bulldog" descended from her.
I love you Popcorn!


Rocksteady's Naughty Dottie
Sire: BISS Ch. Rocketcity's Hakeem
Dam: Double A's Azalea
Breeders: Deborah Smith
Loved, shown, owned and missed by The Somers family.
Taken from us much too soon, Dottie's character and zeal for life
still fills our home and hearts.
There will never be another Dottie!

Rocksteady's Little Donna
Sire: ENG & AM Ch. Hobtop Picalo
Dam: Abe's Notorious Duchess 
Breeders: Richard & Susan Somers
Loved, shown and owned by The Somers Family.
Going on 8 years of age, Donna has produced champions, several pointed and bulldog pups of quality.  Donna brought forward qualities into our second generation we enjoy in our bullies today. Donna loves babies and will mother human babies too.Retired and enjoying a robust life on the sofa with Stephanie.

Rocksteady's Dizzy Danielle
Sire: CH. Chef's Hot Wasabi
Dam: Rocksteady's Little Donna
Breeders: Richard & Susan Somers
Loved, shown and owned by The Somers Family.
Going on 5 years of age she is our third generation of bulldogs, with 9 points, Dizzy has produced  bulldog pups of quality who have entered the show ring today. We have high expectations of her pups and the consistency she has demonstrated.   Dizzy will continue to bring  forward qualities into our line we enjoy in our bullies today.

Rocksteady's Miss Piggy
Sire: Ch. MCHoss Is The Boss
Dam: Rocksteady's Dixie Doolittle
Breeders: Richard & Susan Somers, Beth Williams
Loved, shown and owned by Trudy Coleman of 
With 11 points(one major) Piggy has produced several bulldog pups of quality. 
 We look forward to Piggy finishing soon.

 Rocksteady's Miss Prissy
Sire: Ch. Luv-A-Bull Marco Polo
Dam: Abe's Notorious Duchess 
Breeders: Richard & Susan Somers
Loved, and owned by The Beams family. Prissy is a sweetheart of a girl who has a great personality and breed type. Her first litter produced 5 girls and 2 boys who have been placed in show homes.

 Rocksteady's Magical 7's Adventure
Sire: BIS Ch. Rugby's Adamant Angus
Dam: Rocksteady's Miss Prissy 
Breeders: Richard & Susan Somers
Loved, shown and Co- owned with Brian & Beth Stephenson of Adventure Bulldogs OR. and Brenda Beams of Beams Bulldogs of San Antonio, TX.
We are very excited about Maggie's potential in the show ring.

 Rocksteady's Bug What-A-Mug
Sire: Ch. Vincent's Hitchiker
Dam: Rocksteady's Lil' Darling of Mapo 
Breeders: Richard & Susan Somers
Stolen out of the backyard in a home in New Mexico, we still hold out hope we may one day find Bug. Never leave your bullies outside alone be it your home, show or event. Please contact us if you have any information about Bug.